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Step 5: Build relationships

A solopreneur’s success largely depends on the relationships they build. This includes with other business leaders, local businesses, coaching prospects, and social media followers. People won’t know what you have to offer unless you’re front and center promoting your products and coaching programs.

Remember that business networking – whether online or live and in person – is NOT about pitching yourself at every opportunity. Instead, consider this a chance to learn about someone else’s business and decide if you can work together. Look for organizations like BNI or the Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t forget about communicating with your email list. Not only will regular contact put you front and center in their memory, but you’ll win over fans for life if every newsletter is filled with valuable content. Your followers want to learn from you for a reason so don’t ghost them after they claim your lead magnet. Continue following up with them, even if just to promote your latest blog post.

Generally speaking, your email list will be filled with prospects: Either people deciding if they want to bite the bullet with your coaching programs or those who need a little more coaxing. But you should have a separate email list filled with your paying customers. These are your coaching clients and those who purchased products. If you have an adept VA, she can separate these two different customer lists so you can lead your product customers along a funnel toward your coaching packages. Again, don’t forget about these lists; treat them like gold because these people have already bought from you, so it shouldn’t take as long to convince them to buy into your next program. The value in your emails is what builds this relationship.