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Step 2: Daydream about what you truly desire

Some people have difficulty creating a brainstorm list of their limiting beliefs. Maybe you’ve never thought about this subject before, or your fears seem very vague and non-descript. You can always get started by thinking, “What am I afraid of when it comes to money?”

Another way to identify your fears is to get clear on what you TRULY desire. Once you have a brainstorm list of fears and limiting beliefs, turn the page in your journal and start daydreaming about the lifestyle you want. Get as specific as possible and dream big! Most of us never take the time to write down our big, ultimate vision or if we have, maybe there have been shifts or changes over the years. Think of it this way: If you don’t have a specific dream to work toward, then you’re just working with no end game. Your dream doesn’t have to be a million-dollar mansion or souped-up sports car, but having a big dream makes working a lot more fun.

Now, pay attention as you daydream. As you get clear on your true desires, you’ll also start to notice specific negative thoughts or limiting beliefs popping up in your mind telling you why you CAN’T POSSIBLY get what you desire. Maybe you’ll hear that nagging voice in your head, or you’ll get butterflies in your stomach. Maybe you’ll get sweaty palms. Pay attention to these subconscious signs and take notes in your journal.

  • What specific dreams spurred these negative thoughts?
  • What specifically are you afraid of?
  • Why do you think you’re not capable of doing these things?
  • Are these beliefs true or made up?
  • Why are you afraid to leave your comfort zone?


There are no easy answers to these questions and you likely won’t find the answers in a single day or weekend. That’s why I suggest writing everything down so you can revisit these exercises at a later date.