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Step 1: Releasing negative beliefs through forgiveness

Releasing is a great way to get rid of limiting beliefs but sometimes it takes more than just shifting that belief into a positive one to make a real difference. You should still work on those positive shifts everyday but also complete the exercises in this lesson at the same time.

Forgiveness is a fantastic way to open up mental, emotional, and physical space. When you consciously forgive yourself and others for past money mistakes, you’ll gain loads more confidence around your ability to earn and manage cash.

However, forgiveness does not mean placing blame on someone else for your past money problems. This is NOT the time to shirk your own responsibility. Instead, it’s time to acknowledge your past mistakes and show yourself some grace.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” right? How could you possibly make a good investment or purchase if you didn’t have all the information or have enough experience to know the pitfalls? Maybe you should have done more research. Maybe you should have asked more questions. Maybe you should have found a reliable expert to guide you. Sometimes you just don’t realize what you “should” have done until you experience an unfavorable result. Instead of blaming yourself for making the mistake, learn from it. Forgive yourself for being spontaneous, stubborn, or uneducated and take away these lessons for the future.

If someone else aided in your mistake, such as a shady financial broker or someone who gave you bad advice, instead of blaming them, forgive them. That’s not ignoring their part or relieving them of responsibility; it’s a way for you to say, “I am ready to move on. This negative energy and resentment are not helping me, and I forgive you for misguiding me. I have confidence about making better money decisions going forward.”

Have you heard people say that forgiveness is for the forgiver? Many people who need forgiveness don’t even realize what their actions have done. They may or may not be willing to accept responsibility but that does not mean YOU have to live in purgatory with these mistakes weighing you down.

Granting forgiveness helps you move past your money mistakes. It helps clear your brain, so you’re not obsessed with the mistakes or feelings of resentment toward yourself or others. Mistakes are often seen as negative, so if you’re stuck thinking about these negative mistakes, you’re just reinforcing your RAS to find other negative things to focus on. You’re also likely to miss opportunities that can reverse these mistakes, such as additional clients whose fees will pay off credit card debt.

Consider the act of forgiveness as a gift to yourself. Forgiving others can lighten your heart, which in turn lightens your mind and frees you to accept abundance. Forgiveness is also a step toward taking control of your life and deciding what’s important and how to improve yourself. Ultimately, forgiveness is accepting what has happened in the past, rather then dwelling on what “should” have happened.

Want a bit of good news? You can forgive from afar; you don’t have to face the person you’re forgiving for it to have an impact.