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Step 4: Creating a routine that centers around your affirmations

Even though reciting positive affirmations is a popular stress reliever, in this instance, since we want to work on shifting your money beliefs, incorporating these affirmations needs to be a daily task. If you’re wondering how on earth you can fit one more thing into your schedule, let’s explore two fairly easy ways to add this routine to your day.

  • Morning Routines. If you can bring yourself to wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal, then you have time for a morning routine. A morning routine allows you to revel in some peace before your family wakes up and before the chaos of work begins. This peaceful time allows you to recite your affirmations, write in your gratitude journal, and/or meditate about your new affirmations or what you have on your calendar for the day. If this seems like too much to ask for, then make one small change each morning. While your coffee brews, recite your affirmations. Or listen to your affirmations as you shower. While multitasking is often distracting, these are still simple ways that your brain (your RAS) can hear these important messages and believe in them. After a week or two, consider adding one more aspect to your routine, like your journaling or meditating. Neither has to be time consuming, especially if you’re writing your gratitude in list format.
  • Evening Routines. If you find more time in your evening schedule, create a bedtime routine that involves time to reflect on the day and to recite your affirmations. Everything I mentioned in the Morning Routines can be done in the evening. Health experts advise not to use electronics at least one hour before bedtime, so this is the perfect substitution. In the evening, you can reflect on your day for your gratitude journal. Did you sign a new client? Did you get a glowing testimonial? Did your newest course launch successfully? What better way to fall asleep than to be happy with the events of the day! Some experts believe that reciting positive affirmations BEFORE bed is preferable as the subconscious can shift your beliefs while you sleep. If you normally have difficulty falling asleep, reciting your affirmations can slow your brain down and allows you to focus on the positive, which hopefully will help you sleep better.

Remember, too, that once you create your new affirmations and create your vision board, the amount of time dedicated to either of your routines is very short. The vision board is normally a one-and-done project every year and your affirmations won’t need any revisions for at least six months, if not longer. That’s why I encourage you to try the affirmations, journaling, and meditation or visualization altogether. You can still receive a great benefit from all of these in only 15 minutes. And if time allows, spend more time with your thoughts and dreams.

One last tip: On a weekly basis, take that journal and write a longer entry about your money mindset journey. Talk about where you started from and any hesitancies that were at the back of your mind. At the end of every week, write down your thoughts, feelings, and any successes no matter how small.

How did it feel to complete your routine for 7 consecutive days? Were you surprised? Do you notice any shifts yet? Are you excited to keep going?

Take note of when you add something new to your routine, whether it’s longer journal entries or working on a new positive affirmation. These are all the small milestones that you might not notice unless they’re written down. This validation that the process works should also motivate you to continue on this road to self-discovery and money mindset shifts.